Dr. Muhammad Moazam Fraz (NUST-SEECS)

NUST LMS is a very useful tool for online course content sharing, which provides a mechanism to connect our students to our learning targets and materials. The functionality of Automated assessment is great, which enables me to use a variety of engaging question types in a Quiz to assess the learning. These questions can be marked automatically and immediate detailed feedback is given to the students, which is ideal for both formative and summative assessment. Moreover, I can easily manage the assignments and labs submissions, with a built in similarity check facility. LMS messaging system allows the students and teachers to communicate easily. Furthermore, the course forums provide a great way for the course participants to communicate within the group, either to provide answers to the asked questions or to just get involved in discussions. With many more features, NUST LMS is one among the ideal solutions to bring the classroom into the 21st century learning.