LMS Help Content v 2.4

Click the links below to download training materials:

  • Getting Started with LMS
  • Resource Uploading on LMS: Files and Folders
  • Resource Uploading on LMS: Label
  • Resource Uploading on LMS: Book and Page
  • Attendance Module
  • Assignment Creation on LMS
  • Grant Extension on Assignment
  • Group Assignment
  • Turnitin Assignment
  • Gradebook on LMS
  • LMS Activity Completion
  • LMS Conditional Activities
  • LMS Wiki
  • Blogs
  • Bulk User Messaging using LMS
  • How to Add and Construct a Forum
  • How to Search a Forum
  • LMS Forum types
  • News Forum on LMS
  • Sending Email to Course Participants
  • Add Remove User from Course
  • Viewing and Filtering Enrolled Users
  • Creating Groups on LMS
  • Calendar block icons
  • External Link in LMS
  • Import Course Material from Another Course
  • Repository on LMS
  • Workshop on LMS