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Picture of Mudasir Irfan Ali Kharal
All NUST Dawat e Iftar
by Mudasir Irfan Ali Kharal - Monday, 21 May 2018, 9:05 AM

Before we realized it, Ramadan has dawned upon us once again. Despite its tough routine, Ramadan is the time of the year everyone looks forward to. Sleepless nights, heavy sehris and, after a tiring day of work, a fulfilling iftar is what we all enjoy throughout this holy month.


Due to the holiness of the month, events are mostly sidelined out of respect. Now we all know it’s the iftar everyone can’t wait to dig into. Therefore,Sixbee

presents to you an event the likes of which has never before been seen at NUST:


All NUST Dawat e Iftar!

That’s right! We’re bringing you a fun filled evening surrounded by your friends from every department at NUST. Aside from good food, we have a quiz segment where getting the right answers will win you gift hampers and discount vouchers from your favorite brands. If that’s not enough to draw your attention, get a load of this.  Attending the event automatically registers you to our lucky draw. The winner of the draw gets a return ticket to the iconic metropolis of the Middle East, DUBAI!


But that’s not all! Once you’re done praying and settling down a bit, we have dinnerin store for you as well! So what're you waiting for? Hurry up, get those tickets and join us on May 24th at the NUST Helipad Ground for a night you'll definitely remember!

Date/Day: 24th May 2018, Thursday.

Time: 6:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. 
Venue: NUST Helipad Ground. 
For further details, visit our event page: 
Sixbee Team Official page:
Picture of Ali Baig
NUST Character Building Society (NCBS)
by Ali Baig - Monday, 7 May 2018, 2:48 PM

اَلسَلامُ عَلَيْكُم وَرَحْمَةُ اَللهِ وَبَرَكاتُهُ 


It is often said that “Men and women are like right and left hands; it doesn't make sense not to use both.”


Standing amidst the chasm of the Lefts and the Rights of the “Gender Argument”, the only viable solution in sight seems to be the middle way through – not me or you, or him or her, but “Us”.


Join us as we explore this middle path in an interactive seminar presented by the

NUST Character Building Society (NCBS),




Where we will be joined by Dr. Yusuf Raza and Ms. Rafia Tehsin in a bid to understand how a synergy between the two genders can be created.


Event Date: 8th May 2018

Time: 14:30-17:00

Venue: SEECS Seminar Hall

Event Link: 


Follow updates on the event through the Facebook event page (Insert Hyperlink).

Connect with NCBS on our Facebook Page and Twitter Account (Insert Hyperlink).


Dr. Yousuf Raza: Dr. Yousuf Raza is a post-graduate in psychiatry, a masters in psychology, and a diplomate in Franklian Logotherapy. He is an inspirational speaker giving lectures publicly for past 5-6 years in the major cities of Pakistan.


Ms. Rafia TehsinMs. Rafia Tehsin is a motivational speaker and trainer who has taught at NUST and Air University and is currently Business Unit Head at MYMA Communications. She has conducted workshops at universities in Bangladesh and broadcasted from Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation.


We hope that the only thing we're talking about grilling in this seminar is food and not each other.