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Picture of Ali Baig
Conduct of German Language Courses in Summer Semester 2019
by Ali Baig - Monday, 8 July 2019, 9:35 AM
Picture of Ali Baig
Advertisement for Microsoft/computer Engineer
by Ali Baig - Tuesday, 11 June 2019, 12:25 PM

Advertisement for Microsoft/computer Engineer Job Description We are looking for a full time Software engineer/ Computer Scientist/ Electrical engineer with speciality in Signals and Imaging Techniques to join our industrial driven lab-based R&D project for a pharmaceutical company. The individual will be closely working with Bio-scientists to develop algorithms and systems using Imaging Techniques i.e. Matlab or Languages i.e. C++ or Python. This is a rare opportunity to join an inter-disciplinary team for developing novel machine-learning based image analysis methods and investigating their early deployment and demonstration of proof-of-utility in real-world settings. The individual will be responsible for overseeing large-scale analysis of medical image analysis methods and choosing suitable platform for the development of new Biological Investigation method based upon machinelearning in medical imaging methods. The individual will be responsible for designing, development, and test machine-learning/deep learning-based image analysis methods and porting these algorithms to the hardware. Responsibilities ✓ Study and organize data from literature to facilitate data analysis, develop analysis pipelines to convert raw data into analysis ready formats, and coordinate, develop, and deploy data processing and image analysis tools specific to the project. ✓ Develop algorithms for sensing biological factors. ✓ Test the algorithm in lab and validate it by using clinical data. ✓ Port the algorithm from image processing software to hardware. Key Qualifications Software engineer/ Computer Scientist/ Electrical engineer with speciality in Imaging Techniques The individual should have following qualities: ❖ Evidence of developing data analysis techniques or pipelines and applying them in new situations. ❖ Ability to analyze and solve complex problems and apply quantitative analytical approaches. ❖ Strong programming skills machine learning and deep learning in multiple languages including several of Java, C++, Python, Matlab or others. ❖ Good organizational skills across individual projects, managing own work load. ❖ Excellent written and verbal communication skills. ❖ Positive attitude and the ability to work with a variety of biomedical investigators and colleagues. ❖ Excellent problem-solving skills. ❖ An innate desire to learn new methods and technologies and adapt to the demands of a fast paced and ever-evolving research environment. Number of Posts: 1 Contact Details Dr. Murtaza Najabat Ali (SMME, NUST) Mariam Mir (SMME, NUST) +92 51 9085 6605 Sadia Hassan (SMME, NUST) +92 322 6402702 Send your details or your CV to us on given email addresses before 16 th June 2019. The shortlisted candidates will be called for interviews.