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Picture of Qurrat Ul Ain
FICS'17 Social Evening & Farewell Concert for UG Graduating Batch
by Qurrat Ul Ain - Friday, 12 May 2017, 3:30 PM

This concert will be free of charge for the UG graduating batch; they are cordially invited as our guests.







FICS'17 organizing team proudly presents a grand social evening for NUST students, faculty, management and alumni.Details can be viewed on the FICS FB page:

“Call- The Band” - Live in concert, who have reunited to entertain you and take you down memory lane.

Bilal Khan will also perform live for the first time in NUST. The maestros promise to entertain the crowd to the fullest.

 Event Date:        Saturday 20th May 2017

Time:                     7 PM

Venue:                 SCME Ground, NUST, H-12, Islamabad

For students other than the graduating batch, there are tickets @500/-

For faculty and management / officers, the tickets are @800/-

NUSTIANS can bring along their guests – ticket price for guests is 800/-

We would be grateful if the information can be disseminated to:

a)      The UG graduating batch - they have to register themselves at the link given below, and on the event day they should bring along their student cards.

 b)      FICS’17 Teams and all other students of your School - for them, tickets are available at Concordia-1 and Concordia-2. Students are requested to bring along their tickets and their student cards.

 c)       The faculty and officers – for them, tickets are available at Concordia-1 and Concordia-2, NUST, H-12. Moreover, they can also get their tickets from CAC. Faculty and officers are requested to bring along their tickets and their NUST cards.

 d)      It is requested that any guests you bring are accompanied by you; guests should bring along their tickets.

 For any queries that any of the above may have, they can contact the following numbers:

Ms. Sundas Imran, Deputy Director CAC:                                                              (051) 90851462

Mr. Adil Murtaza, Project Manager CAC:                                                               (051) 90851467

Ms. Bisma Asif, Assistant Manager CAC:                                                                (051) 90851466

Mr. Hammad Sikander, Chief Coordinating Officer FICS'17:                           0332-5544961

Mr. Shirjeel Ahmed (Director Registration FICS'17:                           0300-5237915


Mark your calendars for 7PM on 20th May 2017; we look forward to having you, and the students, faculty and officers of your School at the social evening.

Picture of Rida Hafeez
5 Days GRE Test Preparation Workshop
by Rida Hafeez - Wednesday, 26 April 2017, 12:34 PM

From 8th to 12th May, 2017