Frequently Asked Questions about LMS
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Category Question
Course Settings It is not the end of the semester yet and I do not see dates beyond the on going week. More
User Management I have tried different user-id combinations but I am still unable to login. More
Assignments I am submitting an assignment but LMS says the file exceeds storage limit. More
Assignments How do I attach a file to an assignment question? More
Miscellaneous Sometimes while browsing I recieve a TCP/IP error for LMS, while I am able to browse, rest of the web just fine. More
Miscellaneous What is LMS? More
Miscellaneous Why use LMS at all? More
User Management Why can’t I log in? More
User Management I have never logged in before, what will be my username or password? More
Course Settings How can I assign Teacher roles of my course to another Teacher or Assistant? More

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