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Site Policy Agreement

Terms and Conditions:

By using NUST LMS Portal you are agreeing to the terms and conditions given below:

  • You may not submit any material on the Portal that
    • is defamatory, malicious, threatening, false, misleading, offensive, abusive, discriminatory, harassing, blasphemous or racist.
    • could prejudice any active legal proceedings of which you are aware of or infringes any intellectual property rights, such as copyright and trade marks
    • is technically harmful (including, without limitation, computer viruses, or other malicious software or harmful data that may damage the operation of another's computer )
    • impersonates anyone else or otherwise misrepresents your identity, affiliation or status.
    • is in breach of these Terms, our Privacy and Security.
  • Do not harvest or otherwise collect information about others, including e-mail addresses and pictures without their consent. Any use of data collected from LMS for any purpose other than Academics is strictly not allowed.
  • Avoid Flooding forums and other services unnecessarily or with inappropriate content/material.
  • Do not share your account details.
  • Violation of the above terms and conditions will result in disciplinary action.

Disciplinary Action

Should a user violate this Terms and conditions, the offence will be logged and the following action will be taken

One Week Suspension

Account will be suspended for one week. No Access will be given.

One Term restriction of services

Access will be restricted to the minimum level which provides access to basic services for one term. This includes the removal of user from one or more courses.